Report on Faculty Salaries and Rising Tuition Costs


A new independent study from the nonprofit, nonpartisan Delta Cost Project does not support claims that full-time faculty numbers are a primary cause of rising tuition across colleges and universities nationwide.The rise in tuition was likely driven more by benefits costs, increase in non-instructional positions, and declines in state share of support rather than faculty salaries.

…new administrative positions—particularly in student services—drove a 28-percent expansion of the higher-ed work force from 2000 to 2012.

…the number of full-time faculty and staff members per professional or managerial administrator has declined 40 percent, to around 2.5 to 1.

…Faculty salaries were ‘essentially flat’ from 2000 to 2012, the report says. And ‘we didn’t see the savings that we would have expected from the shift to part-time faculty’…

See the full report here: Administrator Hiring Drove 28% Boom in Higher-Ed Work Force, Report Says


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