Faculty and Hiring


According to the personnel actions listed in the Board meeting for October, Stark State College has made 44 new hires since 8/6/2014. Of these, 29 were instructional faculty hires:

  • 22 Adjunct Instructors (per-hour, non-benefit eligible positions)
  • 4 Assistant Instructors (per-hour, non-benefit eligible positions)
  • 3 Instructors (full-time salaried, benefit-eligible positions)

We are aware that there were 2 full-time faculty who left the college or transferred to staff, but their positions have not been replaced in those departments. Currently, the HR portal does not list any job advertisement in progress for replacements.

All faculty are keenly aware of the need for more full-time instructors to benefit our students and our entire campus community. One of the foremost goals of the SSC Strategic Plan is “to continuously provide value and high quality education” – and one of the explicit measures for this goal is percentage of credit hours taught by full-time faculty. However, more than three-quarters of our recent instructional hires were hourly non-benefits positions with only 10% new full-time positions and no move to replace others that were lost.

Such hiring patterns do not seem to align with either the goal or its measure. If, in fact, hiring decisions are based on the needs of the college, then what message does the college’s current hiring practices send regarding the value we place on academics?


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