Improving Conditions for Adjunct Faculty


While reviewing the Faculty Climate Appraisal survey results, a number of trends and patterns emerged as distinct opportunities for improvement on our campus. Most notably, the number one choice for primary focus areas among both part-time and full-time faculty respondents was improving conditions for our adjunct faculty.

Because Stark AAUP values our adjunct colleagues and believes their contributions are significant to our students and our college, we ask that faculty and staff join us in requesting that our institution address these concerns in an official capacity. We ask for explicit revision of adjunct wages, adjuncts’ access to resources, current time card policies, expansion of options for part-time benefits policies, and the creation of a sick-time donation procedure.

Stark AAUP plans to formally submit this letter to President Para Jones, Provost Lada Gibson-Shreve, Faculty Association, and Human Resources by Wednesday afternoon 4/15 [edit: by Friday morning 4/17, to allow for consideration of the compensation plan meetings which were just announced]. If you would like to add your name in a show of solidarity with all faculty at SSC, please notify our chapter officers at, and we would be grateful for your voice. We welcome and value the support from all part-time and full-time members of the SSC community on this issue; you do not have to be a current AAUP member to add your name to the list of supporters.

*Faculty working conditions are student learning conditions*


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