Reminder: Board of Trustees Meeting Tomorrow Night


As a reminder, tomorrow night (Wednesday, June 10 at 6:30 in S203), members of Stark AAUP will speak before the Board of Trustees to address concerns with tying compensation to enrollment as presented to College community members during recent compensation discussions.

According to the previous Board meeting minutes, which were distributed to visitors this week, the following was reported, “The meetings held for faculty and staff to describe the compensation package were well-attended. The feedback that Faculty Association Chair Pam Benner and Staff Association Chair Linda Morosko received was that both faculty and staff were pleasantly surprised. Most are aware of the economic conditions and challenges of the College and are grateful for the package” (Stark State College Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes, April 29, 2105).

Stark AAUP’s executive leadership encourages all members of the Stark State community to voice any concerns they may have with the compensation package as it was presented during those meetings as we do not believe this statement accurately reflects the views of many faculty and staff members as evidenced in conversations and meetings after the compensation plan was presented. Additionally, we welcome anyone who would like to show their support for Stark AAUP’s efforts tomorrow night. For more information, please feel free to contact any member of Stark AAUP’s executive leadership.