Shame On You, Stark State College


In September 2014, Stark AAUP sent a letter to Stark State College’s Human Resources requesting domestic partner benefits be extended to our LGBTS colleagues and peers. As this topic was often brought to the administration’s attention, we felt it was yet another opportunity to ask the college to do the right thing. Unfortunately, we heard varying versions of the same story; until the college and the insurance group we belong to was mandated by law to do so, domestic partner benefits would not be offered at Stark State College.

Today, Stark AAUP stands alongside our peers in celebrating the Supreme Court’s decision to legalize gay marriage across the country. While we celebrate this resounding victory for human rights, we are deeply saddened that our institution chose to be on the wrong side of history. If the college sincerely valued all people, then offering all faculty and staff the same basic benefits would have occurred long before the highest court deemed it law.

To the decision-makers at Stark State College, it seems you can no longer willfully ignore our LGBTS colleagues.

To our LGBTS colleagues, congratulations and best wishes to you and your families. We look forward to a new academic year as equals in the eyes of both the law and the college.Equality Image