Shared Sacrifices?


Stark AAUP received confirmation yesterday that SSC President Para Jones was awarded a $20,000 performance bonus (8.51% of base salary), authorized by the SSC Board of Trustees on June 10, 2015, which was the same night that Stark AAUP executive members spoke before the Board regarding the problems associated with tying faculty and staff pay to enrollment (see our prior posts: Statement on Compensation Plan and Presentation to SSC Board).

The Board also awarded President Jones a .5% increase to base and an additional .5% increase contingent upon student enrollment, which appears to mirror the 2015-16 increase plan approved for all SSC employees.

The similarities are in appearance only. Given the increase in STRS and potential changes in health insurance costs, the Board’s fiscal plan, as rolled out to faculty and staff, actually equates to an effective pay CUT for many staff and faculty as well as creating the problematic link between compensation and enrollment.

In a time when we are all increasingly asked to do more with less; when faculty and staff positions are left unfilled, under-resourced, or eliminated; and when student resources are diminishing, it is disappointing to know that the mantra of shared sacrifice and fiscal responsibility in a time of decreasing funds does not necessarily extend to our leadership.

Board minutes 6-10-15

Source: SSC Board of Trustees meeting 6/10/15, unpublished minutes obtained via public records request