Regarding “Truth and Transparency”


Dear SSC colleagues: 

Undoubtedly some of you may have already seen the “Truth and Transparency” document recently distributed by Stark State College administration. Yet given that it was distributed to faculty mailboxes late Friday afternoon on a holiday weekend, most of you will likely see it upon return to campus on Tuesday 9/8. Stark AAUP is overjoyed that the college has chosen to acknowledge and address our repeated transparency and outreach communications attempted over the course of the last year, most recently including our FYI flyer. However, we are indeed disappointed that they have chosen to provide marketing responses to important substantive concerns, all of which are supported by empirical data that is publicly available and provided by the college itself.

While we believe that the misleading responses of SSC administration speak for themselves, and while we anxiously await any opportunity for increased transparency at the college, Stark AAUP is happy to provide further information related to statements made within the “Truth and Transparency” document. Please stay tuned for our upcoming response.


7 thoughts on “Regarding “Truth and Transparency”

  1. Tyler

    Can’t wait to see the promised response. The administration pretty much eviscerated most of the claims on your FYI flyer. I cringed when I read that FYI flyer because I think it is just a small group of people that feel the way you do. Why not stick to one or two specific items rather than what comes across as an across the board condemnation of the administration as dishonest? I’m still being paid a lot less than my peers hired just a few months or more before me for the same job.

    Do you really expect people to think we aren’t facing economic challenges after losing 5000 students? I don’t agree with a number of things, but there hasn’t been any layoffs and the college is still financially sound. Maybe they should have spent the reserves on more faculty positions and raises, then you could say they were irresponsible to spend it?

    Why are you repeatedly focusing on the President salary and bonus? Her pay is way less than her predecessor. (Next up, it must be sexism that explains why she is paid less?) The administration response shows that we actually have 14 leadership positions now rather than 20, and are spending around $884K less on their salaries than 2012? This is improvement, no?

    A $10 fee for online class hours equates to a conclusion that SSC doesn’t care about access with success? That is quite a leap. You do realize that money has to come in to pay us all?

    Percent of class hours taught by full time is at 50%, which is actually an increase from years past. Isn’t that a good thing if that percentage is going up?

    I was at the meeting where a faculty member suggested forgoing a raise that cycle. Heads nodded, and if you offer it up, they are going to take it. Why didn’t anyone speak up then?

    Next time you put out an FYI, might want to be sure you don’t make it so easy for the administration to make mincemeat of your claims. It destroys your other points that do have merit.

    • Angela

      Mincemeat? Lol, hardly. No – this document contains superficial fluff created by marketing, without truly addressing any of the substantive claims which are all supported by solid data. I’m not going to extended reply to this here because we’re already working on a summary response for the blog, now that the work week is over for most of us. And anyway, it seems quite clear from the tenor of your comments that an extended conversation isn’t really the subject of interest.

      I will take a moment to reiterate that we didn’t create any divide nor are we seeking one, and for anyone to attempt framing it otherwise is completely misinformed and disingenuous. This chapter exists because ongoing issues that affect all of us (including you, as per your mention within the comment) are not and have not been addressed despite multiple people raising them repeatedly in the avenues supposedly available to them. We have *repeatedly* sought to collaborate and work together with both administration and Faculty Association numerous times and have been ignored, rebuffed, and in some cases met with outright hostility. Yet the structural and institutional issues haven’t gone away. I appreciate you taking the time to comment, and I am sorry you see the attempt to address them as divisive.

  2. Tyler

    Only authoritarians won’t post comments they don’t like agree with. Its been days and still says waiting moderation. Just post it, you don’t have to have your snappy reply ready to go. I think I’m not going to bother anymore. By the looks of previous entries, there is nobody else trying to comment on here and at least stir some discussion. Your site is pretty dead. Good blogs have active discussions.

    • Angela

      Dear “Tyler”

      I saw your two comments on our blog today, actually just a moment ago after I returned home from campus and meetings today. Wow. Not only was this recent comment pretty rude but completely impatient. Your original comment was posted on 9/8 at 3:48pm; today is 9/11, and you posted at 12:42pm. Just shy of three days. Three working days. Hardly seems like a span of time long enough to presume without reason that someone has decided not post your comment on a blog. I would assume that you know that, like you, we *all* work and have very full schedules. And I don’t do anything with the blog while I am on campus, nor do any of us.

      I would point out again, as I did with an earlier comment you made some time ago (on this post) that comments are set to moderate to help with catching spam-like crud and links that show up on a regular basis. If anyone had any interest in censoring anyone’s perspectives, we wouldn’t have allowed any of the other earlier dissenting comments which also included yours and it would have saved us all the time of replying as well. Or we very simply wouldn’t include the comment option at all, don’t you think? No one’s comments have ever been censored or deleted here (with the exception of spam, of course), and to suggest otherwise is inaccurate.

      I’m happy to approve actual comments for posting, regardless of their content and whether I agree, when I see them. However, you’re always welcome to call or come to my office and speak to me face to face if you demand a faster reply.

      • Tyler

        Why not just let the comments go then, and delete the spam if it happens. Blogs are supposed to kick off lively discussion, but this site has little to none. Apparently people have to wait three days or a week for you to log on and moderate comments to have discussion, Sorry if you thought my comment was rude, but it was three days.

      • Angela

        I explained the moderation before both in the comment above and here on this post where we were discussing (and I would note that explanation was previously sufficient as per your explicit response). If it wouldn’t be your choice of approach to moderate comments in such a way on your blog, that is perfectly fine. I don’t live on this blog, nor is it my actual job that am I paid to do – those responsibilities to my students and my colleagues have always, and will always, come first. So yes — it will at times take me, or any of us, longer than a couple hours to log in and moderate and/or reply where needed. I’m sorry if you feel that three days is too long, but there is little I can do to go back and give you a faster response than I did.

        You seem to be very concerned about discussion here, and that is welcomed. I am happy to have a lively discussion about a substantive topic whenever you wish to direct your comments at one, as we have both done before. As mentioned earlier, if my replies are not quick enough for you here, you’re always welcome to call me or come see me on campus instead. Thanks for the comments. 🙂

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