Dear Members of the SSC Community,

Stark State College Executive Committee recently distributed a “Truth and Transparency” document to faculty mailboxes. Although Stark AAUP believes that the doublespeak, logical fallacies, and contradictory contents of this document speak for itself, many individuals have asked us to respond.

The “Truth and Transparency” document made a number of assumptions, including the suggestion that decisions have been made through governance committees and that all faculty and staff have the same opportunities to engage in the decision-making process. It misleadingly implies that the number of classes taught by FT faculty reflects an increase in actual FT faculty positions rather than an increase in overloads, and it suggests that our College Credit Plus students do not receive the same levels of faculty and staff support as all other students. This approach is disingenuous.

We want to be clear: Stark AAUP’s focus is to create a substantive dialogue with the explicit goal of building a better community for everyone–faculty, staff, administration, and students. During the last academic year, we approached college administration and Faculty Association multiple times with the offer to collaborate in an effort to build upon this goal; however, our offers were either ignored or declined.

Stark AAUP strives to make information widely and easily available to all members of the SSC community; we do not believe anyone benefits when only select individuals are privy to the information everyone deserves. We make every effort to ensure that the contents of our communication are accurate and supported by clearly defined college-generated sources. In fact, many of the points used in Stark AAUP’s communication are not available to the campus community without following proper Ohio laws for access to those documents; Stark AAUP will continue to diligently work to gain access to that information for everyone’s benefit.

Stark AAUP provides source documentation, extracted from the college’s own documents, data, and public reportings for its informational distributions. To suggest, as the “Truth and Transparency” creators did, that content is not factual calls into question the information publically produced by the college itself. If there are factual inaccuracies, then the fault does not lie within our organization.

Additionally, Stark AAUP believes that it is more important to concentrate our attention on the current state of Stark State College–not on former administrations or on other institutions and their policies. However, it is clear not only from this document, but also from the $99,905.74 paid to consultants for the benefits and compensation information presented this past week (SSC Human Resources per request, 9/11/15), that the current administration is more concerned with the past and what other institutions have rather than SSC’s present.

Stark AAUP will continue to provide the SSC community with information intended to create an atmosphere of informed decision making and insightful question asking. Furthermore, to characterize that as propaganda is, simply put, misleading and untrue.

We look forward to continued work with all of you this academic year.

Stark AAUP Executive Committee


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