Another management position?


Update: This morning 11/30/15, SSC employees were sent email notification of several posted employment opportunities including the one mentioned in the post below as well as an internal opening for an additional management position: Assistant Director of Admissions. It is worth mentioning that a few of the listed positions are for faculty, primarily in departments where a certain ratio of full-time faculty is required for accreditation. The remaining faculty position is “Temporary Full-time Lecturer” for Environmental, Health & Safety Technology. We have to wonder why this is not being offered as a typical full-time position given the existing need in that department, and what that might mean for needed faculty positions offered in the future across the college.

Dear SSC colleagues:

In late October, members of the SSC community received an email notification from Dr. Para Jones that the Advancement/Stark State Foundation and Marketing/Communication Divisions were being combined into a single division of Advancement and Marketing, headed under a new position: the Executive Director of Advancement and Marketing (see email from Dr. Jones in this post).

This unexpected restructuring move was made by executive decision (presidential appointment) and was not subjected to shared governance or the college’s standard hiring practices for a newly formed or open position.

The email announcement indicated that the newly combined division would result in improved effectiveness and efficiency, presumably also resulting in a cost savings by consolidating staff and resources. The announcement of the current Executive Director of Advancement and the Stark State College’s Foundation’s retirement and this restructuring was quickly met with the downsizing of positions within that division.

In a move that was never announced to the overall SSC community, it seems the college is now hiring an additional Director of Marketing and Communications, the very position that was folded into this new position as identified in Dr. Jones’ email. The job ad (attached below) leaves us questioning why are we now hiring yet another administrative-level position when faculty and staff positions are eliminated upon vacancy?

This position was posted on 11/18/15:

Email dated 10/26/15 marketing

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