SSC Info at Chronicle Salary Database


These charts reflecting SSC comparisons with all 2-year public colleges come from the Chronicle of Higher Education‘s salary databases for faculty and staff at more than 4,700 institutions. The entire interactive dataset is available for exploration here:

SSC is not only hiring fewer full-time faculty, as evidenced by the steadily increasing uptick in adjunct faculty, but clearly we are also hiring them in at substantially lower salaries. Yet it would appear that administrative positions have suffered no similar compression of salary nor reduced hiring numbers.

Also worthy of examination in these data is the persistent unequal effect of reallocation (we have addressed this before using IPEDS data: Compensation and Comparing Salary Averages). Look at the Instructors category in the faculty chart above and you can clearly see a big change in comparative averages. Due to the time required to be eligible for advancement in rank, the Instructor category is comprised almost entirely by those faculty who started at SSC after reallocation while the Assistant and Associate Professor categories reflect largely those who were employed pre-reallocation. It is also important to note that re-allocated amounts are entirely deducted back out and they are also not considered for the purpose of annual wage increase calculations, yet the higher aggregate number is officially reported to pay databases as salary. Why are these two practices inconsistent?

To help further visualize the effects of reallocation, see the following salary comparisons over time for each job category*. Reallocation is reflected starting in the 2010-2011 data and later.

instructor over timeassistant over timeassociate over time sized

*The Professor category is not available for comparison because there are too few individuals in this category


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