Updated SSC Info at Chronicle Salary Database


The Chronicle of Higher Education has recently updated its salary databases for faculty and staff at more than 4,700 institutions. The charts below, reflecting SSC comparisons with all 2-year public colleges, come from the interactive dataset which is available for exploration here: http://data.chronicle.com/ Also see our previous post using earlier Chronicle salary data.

Worthy of consideration in these data is the unequal effect of the 2010-2011 ‘reallocation’ as well as how its resulting initial salary average bumps are now flattening out. Due to the time required to be eligible for advancement in rank, the current Instructor category shown is comprised almost entirely by those faculty who started post-reallocation while the Assistant and Associate Professor categories include nearly all of those who were employed pre-reallocation, so the varying effects are easily visualized in the charts.

It is also important to note that re-allocated amounts are first deducted for the purpose of calculating any annual employee wage increases. Yet the higher aggregate number has always been reported to databases as salary, which in part contributes to the initial 2010-2011 bump then later flattening of the average lines for Assistant Professor and above when compared to other 2-year institution averages. Additionally, SSC is not only hiring fewer full-time faculty but clearly Instructors are also hired in at substantially lower salaries overall.

Salary average comparisons over time, by full-time faculty rank:


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